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How mortgage rates get made

03/16/22, The Indicator (08:09)


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SummaryThe Fed raised interest rates by 25bp yesterday. How does that affect you? This episode aired almost exactly year ago– when the Fed was just embarking on its rate hikes– delves into the implications for mortgage rates. The accompanying teaching idea prompts students to put themselves in the shoes of a homebuyer.

A Move in Healthcare by Amazon   Leave a comment


Amazon is beginning its own telemedicine system this summer, allowing participating companies to see a nurse or doctor remotely. This marks a shift in the healthcare industry, as it is predicted that close to 60% of doctor’s visits will be done remotely following the Covid-19 pandemic.

This podcast also discusses The Federal Reserve Bank’s decision to keep interest rates low, fewer numbers of students filing for federal student aid, and remote work in the automobile industry.

Original Air Date: March 18, 2021

Length: 9 minutes and 7 seconds

The Recession Predictor   Leave a comment

The Recession PredictorLink:

Summary: There appears to be fear that another recession is approaching the United States, but what are the warning signs for the country’s economy? From talks about inflation, interest rates, and borrowing, the yield curve is known to be a powerful and the most accurate predictor of recessions.

Original Air Date: January 12, 2018

Length: 9 minutes 5 seconds