Audioecon Discussion Boards

This page provides links and instructor resource materials for those interested in using podcasts to foster critical thinking through online discussion boards, as presented at the National Economic Teaching Association Conference 2016 .

Audioecon Online Discussion Boards

Online discussion boards can, when structured and moderated effectively, foster critical thinking and application of economic concepts and ideas. They can help achieve course learning goals for both traditional face-to-face, hybrid, and online only course formats.

In my courses, students are required to participate in weekly online-discussion boards, where they use their critical economic thinking skills to analyze and discuss podcast content. Students are required to make two posts per week (one by day 2 of the week; the second by day 5 of the week).  The second post should require students to review, build-upon and respond to the posts of their peers while adding additional economic thinking. Research shows that the most effective discussion boards require effective moderation that leads students to make connections to key concepts, interact with peers, and move toward higher levels of application and learning. The audioecon posts linked below include suggestions for instructors for initial prompts to start discussion and ‘follow-up prompts’ that can serve as a starting point for more effective moderation across the week’s discussion.

Below are links to several posts where you will find podcasts with example ‘Discussion Prompt’ and ‘Follow-up Discussion Prompts.’  These prompts are designed to be used in online discussion board formats similar to those outlined above, but may be adapted for written assignments, in-class discussion, etc. These podcasts are also aligned with textbook chapter goals and concepts on the linking podcasts to your syllabus  page.

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