This page provides instructor resource materials for those interested in implementing Podlearning, where student groups create the own original podcasts while demonstrating a variety of economics proficiencies, including oral communication skills.

A full description of the project is available in “Podlearning: Student groups create podcasts to achieve economics learning goals” as featured in The Journal of Economic Education Vol 47 and presented at the International Atlantic Economic Society in October 2015 and at the National Economic Teaching Association in November, 2015, where it it won the “Best in Class” teaching award highlighting creative and engaging teaching techniques.

The assignment components provided here were designed for an introductory microeconomics course. The components include: (1) podcast group charter, (2) podcast story proposal, (3) podcast story outline, and (4) final podcast. These can be modified to a variety of courses, concept applications and learning objectives

Podlearning Assignment Component Descriptions

Instructions for Evalution of Team Members

Audacity Software Site and Instructions Handout

Figure 1: Scaffolding of podcast assignment components

scaffolding for site

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