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What Would Adam Smith say About Capitalism Today?   Leave a comment

Link: ture/2018/08/16/what-would-adam-smith-say-about-capitalism-today

Anne McElvoy of The Economist delves into the life of the father of economics, Adam Smith in this podcast. Many of the same issues that Adam Smith discussed in the 1700s are still being disputed today. In the current political economy there are still debates of free trade vs. protectionism, unregulated markets, how much tax is too much tax, and how to make the economy work for every social class.

Discussion Prompt 1: How would the Adam Smith feel about the current degree of government involvement in the economy? Should governments be able to regulate economic markets?

Original Air Date: August 16, 2018

Length: 19 minutes 13 seconds

Adam Smith, Mama’s Boy   1 comment


Summary: Discussion with the Nicholas Phillipson, author of a biography of Adam Smith, about the man, and the political and social environment in which he lived.

Original air date:  February 1, 2011

Length: 20:10

Main story content begins: 3:53

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