The Matzo Economy   3 comments

Rabbi inspector at the matzo factoryLink:

Summary: A visit to the Manischewitz matzo factory as an illustration of niche industries. An illustration of the impact of regulations via religious restrictions.

Original Air Date: April 10, 2012

Length 21:19

Main story content begins: 2:24

Discussion Prompt: This podcast features the many rules, restrictions and regulations faced by the Manischewitz company. (1) How do you think these restrictions relate to concepts about different market structures that firms may operate in?  (2) What do you see as the benefit to the Manischewitz company that comes from operating in this unique marketplace?  What are the challenges? What benefits / challenges might face a new company seeking to join this industry?

Follow-up Prompt: How might technology and/or the passage of time impact the degree to which these restrictions help or hurt the Manischewitz company?  Do you think this might be different for other industries where barriers to entry are a component of the market structure?

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