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Summary: This podcast discusses arbitrage (free money), using the example of used textbooks. Arbitrage (free money) is a risk-free way to buy low and sell high. You can find one thing that’s selling for two different prices, and exploit the mistake.

Original Air Date: November 7, 2014

Length: 14 minutes 29 seconds

Prompt: Imagine you find an opportunity like the one discussed in the podcast. Write an outline of how you would go about this discovery, and what your plan of action would be.

Discussion Question: A woman in the podcast said their practice was immoral. Do you agree or disagree? Is what these two men are doing wrong? Use economic thinking in your discussion.

The Eddie-Murphy Rule   Leave a comment


Summary: The Planet Money team consider the movie Trading Places and it’s scheme to make millions short-selling commodity futures (specifically frozen orange juice concentrate).  Includes explanations of commodity futures trading, short-selling, and regulation of futures trading.

Length: 26:05 min

Original air date: July 9, 2013

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Summary: Planet Money considers the debate in the investment world over whether the company Herbalife is a pyramid scheme. Also features a discussion on the ethics of short-selling.

Original air date: January 18, 2013

Length: 17:00

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