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Want a balanced federal budget? It’ll cost you.   Leave a comment

1/25/23, The Indicator (9:05)


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Summary:  As policy makers grapple with the debt ceiling, the podcast digs into the notion of a balanced budget. While tying the debt ceiling limit to a balanced is an appealing to some fiscal conservatives, in reality “extreme” fiscal responsibility is likely impractical, and getting to balanced budget will require deeper structural changes to the government budget.

Also: The episode “What is the Deal with the Platinum Coin” from 1/26/23 looks into an interesting solution to circumvent the debt ceiling kerfuffle  #minthecoin

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What is Bidenomics?   Leave a comment


Biden has proposed an economic plan to contain the coronavirus while opening the economy again when it is safe to do so. His plan primarily focuses on affordable child care, creating more jobs in the green energy sector, and closing the racial wealth gap. This podcast discusses his plans to raise taxes on the wealthy, remove certain deductibles for these individuals, and increase taxes on corporations in order to fund some of these programs.

Original Air Date: October 29, 2020

Length: 9 minutes 42 seconds