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How To Make $3 Trillion Disappear   Leave a comment

how to makeLink:

Summary: The Planet Money team discusses the end of quantitative easing – how it works and how it is coming to an end.  A particular focus is how this process will impact commercial banks and their clients.

Original Air Date: October 26, 2015

Length: 15 minutes 25 seconds

The Great Inflation   Leave a comment

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Summary: In this Podcast, high inflation in the 70’s and 80’s is examined in depth. The Planet Money team find there is more to inflation than just a surplus of money in the economy.

Original Air Date: November 21, 2015

Length: 24 minutes 45 seconds

A Locked Door, A Secret Meeting And The Birth Of The Fed   Leave a comment

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Summary: An historical retelling of the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank

Original Air Date: December 20, 2013

Length: 15 min

The ‘Ask Your Uncle’ Approach To Economics   Leave a comment


Summary: An exploration of one issue of the Federal Reserve’s Beige Book by focusing on some of the featured stories in the issue.

Length: 3:51 min

Original air date: July 17, 2013

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