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The Rise and Fall and Rise of Oil Prices   Leave a comment

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Summary: Oil prices have been fluctuating over the years, but when there is a price increase, many people may experience increases in the price of gas, heating, or a flight ticket back home as well. With the volatility of oil prices, what does this mean for determining future prices of oil and will these prices ever stabilize?

Original Air Date: January 19, 2018

Length: 7 minutes 4 seconds

Rocky Pipkin, Private Eye Vs. The Raisin Outlaw   Leave a comment


Summary: Describes the raisin industry in the United States and how historic events resulted in a government sanctioned raisin cartel.  Includes discussion of one producer breaking from the cartel, efforts by the cartel to enforce its collective actions, and other political and economic impacts of this defection. 

Length: 21:51 min

Original air date: August 9, 2013

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