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If you’re a regular follower of audioecon, you’ll notice some updates to our site this month (March 2023).  We recognize that, while students are increasingly eager to connect the classroom with current events, incorporating interesting, relevant daily or weekly news can be a heavy lift for professors.  

We’ve often included ‘teaching ideas’ in the past to ease the load for instructors wanting to incorporate relevant podcast content into classroom learning and assignments through discussions, reflections, etc. (see the ‘teaching ideas’ category for a full list).  Based on feedback, we’ll now be including teaching ideas with every new post. Follow the ‘teaching ideas’ link on each new post to find :

  • a few “listening check” multiple-choice questions that incentivize careful pre-class listening,
  • suggestions for an in class teaching idea (~10 minutes of class time) which may include discussion ideas, numerical problems, data analysis, and graphical or other quantitative problems.

This will facilitate your efforts to help students digest the podcast content and merge it meaningfully with class concepts.  We hope this helps you easily infuse fresh examples and applications into your curriculum!  

P.S. if you’re a subscriber to audioecon, you may get a few extra email updates in the coming week or so as we add a healthy dose of fresh content. After that things will go back to normal! Apologies and thanks for your patience.

Posted February 28, 2023 by audioecon in Teaching Ideas

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