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How Stuff Gets Cheaper   Leave a comment

stuff cheaperLink:

Summary: The Planet Money team looks at how some things get cheaper over time. The podcast hosts visit a company called Monoprice, whose job it is to find out ways to make things cheaper–in other words, a lot of detective work.

Original Air Date: November 28, 2014

Length: 14 minutes 11 seconds

Prompt: Write a brief letter to Monoprice with your thoughts on their job. Is it efficient? Is it cost-productive?

A Bet, Five Metals And The Future Of The Planet   Leave a comment

future planetLink: 

Summary: A bet between a biologist and an economist over population growth. This Planet Money Podcast reports on a wager between biologist Paul Ehrlich and economist Julian Simon on the affect of population boom to our environment.

Original Air Date: January 2, 2014

Length: 7 minutes

3-D Printing Is (Kind Of) A Big Deal   Leave a comment

3d pringLink:

Summary: Is the future of manufacturing here? What is 3-D printing and how will it be applied in the future. This podcast gives a quick overview on the potential market and technological capacities of 3-D printing.

Original Air Date: January 4, 2013

Length: 5 min

Parking is Hell   3 comments

freak parkingLink:

Summary: Interview with Professor of Urban Planning, Donald Shoup, author of The High Cost of Free Parking about the hidden price of ‘free’ parking. Includes consideration of the use / abuse of handicapped placards and the percentage of urban land taken up by parking areas.

Length: 37:09

Original air date: March 13, 2013

How Much Is A Firefighter Worth?   3 comments


Summary: A look at how changing building codes, etc. have changed the risk of fires and so impacted the market for firefighters.  Considers challenges in current public policy around fire fighting, including whether policies reflect the current market.

Original air date: December 18, 2012

Length: 19:21

Putting a Price Tag on Your Descendents   3 comments


Summary: A discussion of how  the choice of discount rate impacts public policy decisions such as flood protection actions in Los Angeles and New Orleans.

Original Air Date: July 20, 2012

Length 17:38

Lighthouses, Autopsies and the Federal Budget   3 comments


Summary: Discussion  with Charlie Wheelan, author of Naked Economics, of the role of government in provision of public goods and the definition of public goods.

Original Air Date: February 14, 2012

Length 21:49

Main story content begins: 2:16

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