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Money Trees   Leave a comment

money treesLink:

Summary: The Planet Money team investigates ‘carbon offsetting’ and the good it does for the environment as well as the pros and cons that accompany it.

Original Air Date: November 16, 2015

Length: 17 minutes 52 seconds

How To Steal A Million Barrels Of Oil   Leave a comment

nigerian stolen oilLink:

Summary: The Nigerian Internet hosts many ads for stolen oil, inspiring the question: how? Why?  Nigeria has one of the top oil reserves, and it is controlled by the government. They lose about $10 million a day from oil theft. This podcast dissects how they get away with it.

Original Air Date: October 29, 2014

Length: 19 minutes 30 seconds

Discussion Question: The podcasts says that this problem is for the Nigerian government to solve. Should it be an international issue?

Prompt: The podcast does not reflect on the legally sold oil, and the effect the stolen oil has on that market. Write how you think the stolen oil would change the market for legal crude oil in the international arena, paying specific attention to the quantity and the prices.

Norway Has Advice for Libya   Leave a comment


an oil platform in the Norwegian Sea

Summary: Discussion of how Norway’s unusual development of Norway’s oil industry and how it avoided the natural resource curse.

Original air date: August 26, 2011

Length: 21:44

Main story content begins: 3:27

The Difference Between Egpyt and Libya   Leave a comment


Summary: Discussion of how differing political economy structures in Egypt and Libya impacted the political transitions in each state.  Includes a discussion of the resource curse problem of resource-rich developing countries.

Original air date: February 25, 2011

Length 20:03

Main story content begins: 2:05